May 25, 2006

Washington Settles State’s First Can-Spam Suit

The state of Washington has settled with representatives of two California businesses it accused of spamming the Seattle school district in violation of the federal Can-Spam Act, the state’s attorney general announced Tuesday. The settlement ends Washington’s first …


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May 23, 2006

Live from Retail Systems 2006: CDW Shares Intelligence on Business Intelligence

Chicago—Computer reseller CDW Corp. began transitioning from a data reporting environment to one of business intelligence (BI) about two years ago. But it wasn’t until about 12 months ago that the push to leverage data in order to drive a …


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August 26, 2006

Future Trends in Interactive Marketing (and the Future is Now) — Part 1

Nobody debates that the Internet allows for the most cost-efficient, personalized, and effective communication with consumers. Online communication can support brand building and generate sales, individually and simultaneously. Perhaps equally important, the Internet allows for communication and sales tactics to …


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August 24, 2006

Behind Celebrate Express’s Decision to “Review Strategic Alternatives”

Bottom-line erosion at Kirkland, WA-based multititle mailer Celebrate Express, the discontinuation of its Storybook Heirlooms catalog and Website, and the hiring of a new CEO are some of the key factors behind the company’s recent decision to retain New …


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August 23, 2006

Analysis Without Numbers: Perspectives Learned from Sudoku

Sudoku starts very much like marketing analysis: We have some but by no means all the data to solve the problem.
The popular puzzle game sudoku is an exercise in analysis and logic; contrary to appearances it is not a …


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May 11, 2006

Shopping with a Wiki Touch

How do you follow an act like building an online advertising network, running it for 10 years and selling it to investors for $1.1 billion?
If you’re Kevin Ryan and Dwight Merriman, two of the founders of DoubleClick, you waste almost …



August 14, 2006

Having His Say: How List Pros Can Show That Service Is a Priority

Service is more important than ever for list sales professionals. Competition in the list marketplace is much keener than before, and superior customer service can set a company ahead of the competition. Poor customer service, conversely, can break a deal.


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May 4, 2006

Inbox Providers Push the E-mail List-Hygiene Issue

Though e-mail’s low cost has led to some infamously sloppy list practices, inbox providers are increasingly taking steps that will force marketers to clean their lists or face getting their campaigns blocked.
Microsoft, for example, turns abandoned Hotmail accounts …


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August 9, 2006

Aramark Sold to Investor Group

Philadelphia-based food service and facilities management company Aramark Corp. has agreed to a $6.3 billion buyout offer. Led by current Aramark CEO Joseph Neubauer, the investor group also includes corporate officers from Goldman Sachs Capital Partners, CCMP Capital Advisors, and J….


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May 1, 2006

Beyond the basic model

Modeling has come a long way beyond the good old recency/frequency/monetary value (RFM). Thanks in no small part to the rise of cooperative databases, the types of models and the variables available have become more numerous and sophisticated.


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