Mastering Mobile Email Part 2: Crosschannel Integration

Aug 13, 2013 4:55 PM  By

Set of color touchscreen smartphonesThis is the second of a three part gallery series from Movable Ink on how to master the art of crosschannel integration with mobile emails. To read part one, Template and Design, click here, and look out for part three, contextual optimization soon!

Mastering the art of the mobile email, whether it’s done on a tablet or a smartphone, can be tricky since there are so many distractions such as social media sites, text messages, and phone calls, that might compete with your message. So, how can you make sure your email stands out? According to Movable Ink, it’s all about creating the perfect and interactive crosschannel message.

Here are five tips from Movable Ink to help you fully optimize your email campaigns to ensure the best results.