Hot Prospects: The Non-Buyers in Your House File

Aug 25, 2008 11:04 PM  By

Are you segmenting your buyer file by original sources like web, retail and phone? It may also make sense to look at some of the non-buyers on your database.

For example, you may have prospects generated by trade shows, e-mail referrals, space ad inquiries and store visits. If the quantities warrant it, segment out each group and test by mailing a portion or send the entire batch of names over to a co-op of your choice for optimization.

You may not be mailing these names right now. But you should at least test them, for they have an obvious affinity for your offer.

If you have enough to segment each group, great. But even if you have to batch them together as internal house prospects, you may find that they perform as well or better than your core outside prospect lists, and they’re more cost-effective.

Matt Morton is senior marketing manager at catalog consultancy Lenser.

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