PhotoWorks Takes a Shot at a Catalog

Jun 27, 2001 9:30 PM  By

Seattle–Online photo services provider PhotoWorks has expanded its focus to include catalogs. The former Seattle Filmworks launched a print book this month, selling a variety of photo-related products and services, from film processing supplies to frames to paper for the home printing of digital images. Film processed through PhotoWorks can also be made into personalized products, such as on mugs.

The 32-page catalog is “one of a kind,” contends PhotoWorks director of marketing Mich Earl. Targeting primarily parents ages 33-55, the book mailed to 1 million names, 90% of them from the PhotoWorks house file. All products and services are also available on PhotoWorks’ Website.

The company is waiting to see results of the first mailing before determining future mailings, Earl says. If the response is good enough to cover the catalog’s production costs, PhotoWorks will proceed with a fall/holiday edition.