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We just finished reading Herschell Gordon Lewis’ “Annual Best and Worst Copy” in the February edition of Multichannel Merchant. Wow — this is the first time for us on the “Worst” list.

We don’t want to come across as oversensitive. But most of the products Lewis mentioned have been around for quite a while — and last year he put us on the “Best” list!

He said this year:

Hey, “worst” doesn’t mean “terrible” here. What drove me to include this catalog on the bad list was some of the wording, which obfuscates rather than clarifies. There’s a Core Leather Vest. What’s “Core” leather? Unexplained.

There’s a Home Range Coat. What about this coat suggests or explains Home Range? There’s Compleat Leather Sport Coat. I haven’t seen “Complete” spelled that way since college-level reading of Izaak Waltons’ “The Compleat Angler,” published in 1653. This sport coat is goatskin, which complicates the possibility of clarity.

The merchandise seems superior. The headings sometimes puzzle.

Well, Anthropologie has a Lawrence Blazer — who’s Lawrence? J. Crew has a Twyla Tank — who’s Twyla? Sundance has a Tatiana Blouse — did Tatiana design it? Is Tatiana a famous person or romantic place?

We don’t get it — it’s obfuscating!

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