Strategies for Fulfillment Success in Omnichannel

Free shipping and returns have become prerequisites for ecommerce retailers who want to compete with ecommerce leaders like Amazon. In 2017, merchants are identifying and implementing enhancements in three key areas: customer satisfaction, reverse logistics, and positioning returns to enhance the brand experience for customers.

As more retailers move toward a strategy that involves multiple selling touchpoints for consumers to interact with, technology solutions are available that can leverage existing hardware and software and improve overall fulfillment systems performance.

In this special report from Multichannel Merchant, you will learn:

  • Fulfillment Success in Omnichannel Special ReportHow using business intelligence software and integrating disparate fulfillment systems can improve efficiency and inventory visibility
  • How on-demand continuous flow software can help you optimize orders by reducing cycle time in the distribution center
  • How supply chain visibility is a critical function that allows companies to meet customer expectations for order transparency
  • About a three-tiered approach toward leveraging existing technology with new solutions – low-tech, medium-tech and high-tech


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