What Warehouse Technology System Is Right for You?

What are some of the main criteria in deciding if your company has reached a growth/maturity point where it needs a warehouse technology system? Typically companies go through a compelling event that drives such a change, such as outgrowing their current warehouse space. Suddenly the old way of doing business is no longer sufficient for dealing with growth in an efficient manner.How do metrics like your company’s growth curve, the local labor pool and costs and currently installed technology factor into your decision? Are you looking to move from paper-based to an RF or voice picking process? This report will help you sort through the many details of the selection process in order to make a more informed decision.

In this special report you will learn:

  • Finding The Right Warehouse Technology ReportThe impact of labor needs/staffing, current facility setup and integration with existing technology systems on your warehouse technology selection
  • About analyzing potential features and processes to learn how they’ll impact your business
  • About the coming convergence of WMS, WCS and WES systems, and the rise of mobile tools
  • About key integration points and how a warehouse system interacts with them


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