Ship-To-Store In An Omnichannel World

Mar 26, 2013 8:36 PM  By

Ship-to-store is an important option for merchants with brick-and-mortar stores because it gives customers options when ordering a product online, according to George Mollo, Founder of GJM Associates in a recent

Mollo said ship-to-store is of value to any retail store, size is not the factor.  Customers are given an added option with ship-to-store. From the retailer’s side, hopefully the customer will come in and buy something else.

Mollo said generally the advantage of ship -to-store is there aren’t any shipping handling charges associated with the purchase, which is why customers may choose this option.

According to Mollo, it’s about satisfying the consumer; ensure the flow of goods to maximize customer satisfaction.

When asked whether ship-to-store makes life easier for fulfillment centers or whether it is cutting into direct-to-customer business, Mollo said the customers are ordering online. It doesn’t cut into direct business.  At this point it’s omnichannel, so it doesn’t matter if its internet or retail.

“You want to be able to give [customers] whatever options works for them,” said Mollo.

Mollo said as people go to omnichannel, inventory becomes more difficult. There are more curves or life cycles in inventory forecasting.  Mollo believes it’s about the basics and communication.

Mollo will discuss the best practices in inventory management in today’s omnichannel world with Jerome Foskey, of GLI Pool Products during their session at Multichannel Merchant’s Operations Summit 2013 April 23-35 in Columbus, OH.