Wayfair.com Joins Pinterest Bandwagon With New Clipboard Feature

Apr 12, 2013 6:49 PM  By

It seems lately many merchants are joining the Pinterest bandwagon. I was recently on the online furniture company Wayfair.com’s website.  I have to admit I was looking at furniture pieces I would want someday for my own home. I noticed they have created a clipboard feature that now allows users drag and drop product images.  That is not all, according to theetailblog.com, users may also clip editorial content, design photos and promotions to store, save, sort items and share with others from anywhere on the site into a clipboard bar that is located at the bottom of page.

For those that don’t know what Pinterest does, you can ”pin” images onto virtual clipboards, and merchants like WayFair.com, eBay and Fab.com have followed suit with this new social media craze.

What I also noticed is that aside from clipping product images, Wayfair has also allowed you to share onto Pinterest to view boards for ideas and inspirations.

According to TheEtailBlog.com, the online furniture company has always let consumers sort product classes by color for rugs, pillows and bedding, but the color classification was all done manually, so products that had both colors were up to the classifier’s discretion and interpretation.

WayFair, has a new color-sorting technology will measure the actual pigment content and hue of every product and be able to automatically classify products by color.  The feature also include an interactive color wheel that lets users sort product by color or search for a particular color in one category or across categories.  In the future, Wayfair’s system, will be able to display products by complementary colors.