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Live From Social Media is More Than a Presence  Sep 23, 2009 3:17 AM By Tim Parry

Las Vegas

How Lehman’s Uses Social Media  Sep 22, 2009 12:40 AM By Melissa Dowling

You might think a 54-year-old cataloger that started out selling products to serve the local Amish community and others without electricity would be the last merchant to embrace social media.

Steve Spangler’s Jeff Brooks on Award-Winning E-commerce  Sep 19, 2009 12:22 AM By MCM staff

What made Steve Spangler Science the MCM Awards Website of the Year? Chief operating officer Jeff Brooks talks about how the merchant used analytics, word of mouth and social media to carve its e-commerce niche.

Retailers Rapidly Adopting Social Media  Sep 17, 2009 7:39 PM By MCM staff

The penetration of social media tools within brand and retailer organizations is extremely high, given the length of time these tools have been around, according to a study released by e-commerce consultancy the e-tailing group and software provider PowerReviews.

How E-mail Marketing and Social Media Can Work Together  Aug 25, 2009 9:42 PM By Ryan Buchanan

Although we tend to think of e-mail and social media marketing avenues as mutually exclusive, they often make for more compelling and effective campaigns when merged into one fully integrated online marketing campaign.

Twitter Better for Nonsense than Business Sense  Aug 24, 2009 10:34 PM By Tim Parry

Are you still thinking about using Twitter as a channel to communicate with your customers? If so, keep in mind there’s a lot of clutter to cut through. More than 40% of all tweets are “pointless babble.”

Sinking Your Teeth Into Twitter and Facebook  Aug 11, 2009 9:42 PM By Tim Parry

You’ve got your company on Twitter, you set up a Facebook page, and think you’re reaching your customers in a whole new way. But do you really know what you’re doing with social media? Or are you just on Twitter and doing Facebook because the boss told you to do it because the competition is doing it?

Can Social Marketing Save Customer Service?  Aug 11, 2009 1:10 AM By Aaron Strout

Lower cost channels such the Web, e-mail and instant messaging have offered some relief but many of the new

Live From eTail: Dell Does $3 Million in Sales on Twitter  Aug 06, 2009 8:24 PM By Tim Parry

Computer seller Dell did $3 million in sales last year through its Twitter accounts, Dell director of communities and conversions Liana Frey said Wednesday during a keynote session at eTail 2009.

SOCIAL NETWORKING: Dos and Don’ts of Twitter  Aug 01, 2009 9:30 PM By Lisa Wehr

Search and social have collided, and now they affect each other. Not only is search now social, but it also possesses its own unique voice. The voice

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