OverstockArt.com Launches New Version of iPad Application

Jun 26, 2014 1:17 PM  By

OverstockArt.com re-launched its iPad app version 6.0 earlier this week, which promises a more interactive experience between the brand and customer.

“The app is a natural extension for overstockArt.com as an online retailer,” said Amitai Sasson
VP Marketing & Development for overstockArt.com.

Sasson said analytics and traffic showed  huge growth in overstockArt.com’s mobile traffic. In fact, she said, it accounts for 25% of the site’s web traffic, 80% of which comes from iPads. Sasson added that 70% of mobile sales comes from iPad.

“It was a no-brainer for us going after an iPad app,” said Sasson. “It’s a native app that gives our iPad customers a way to easily go through our selection and see our art in their home.”

Sasson said the app allows the customer to take a photo of their space and place the art interactively on the wall. Customers can do this with overstockArt.com’s entire art selection.

“It is a very useful tool for the decorator on the go,” said Sasson.

The image the consumer takes of the art, also known as the “View in a Room” feature, is available for sharing on the customer’s social media accounts.

Sasson said he likes to call this “lean-back shopping” for the customer, a much more pleasant experience.

“For us as a brand, it’s phenomenal,” said Sasson. “We use push notifications and alerts for sales, which  are the things that benefit our customers the most.”

Sasson said this is an app relaunch, as the initial iPad app was just an iPhone app in a larger version. Instead of just being a vertical app, it is also horizontal and takes up the entire screen.

Customers can load art they have taken with the iPad and overstockArt.com will make an oil painting out of it.

Future plans for the app include giving customers the ability to add more frame choices, and to buy directly from the app without having to go to overstockArt.com.