Ecommerce for the 2020 Generation

| Maria Pergolino

Today, ecommerce is a necessity for every kind of organization, a way to reach out directly to your partners, customers, and expand your business (and brand!) exponentially. Here is what you can expect as ecommerce continues to evolve over the next few years.

Creating Customer Success through Sales Automation

| Maria Pergolino

At first glance, ‘sales automation’ isn’t a term that screams out ‘customer success.’ Growing a deal, and speeding it along, may seem like an advantage for the sales team alone. In practice, it’s a more valuable tool that demonstrates the importance of your customer’s needs on a deeper level.

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What’s In-Store for B2B Marketing in 2016

| Maria Pergolino

As another year wraps up, it’s time once again to turn our gaze towards the New Year… just kidding, over here at Apttus, our Q4 runs through January and there are still thousands of opportunities to pursue before we close the books on 2015.