Sears to Cut Ties with Whirlpool

| Daniela Forte

Sears is cutting ties with Whirlpool products including Maytag and KitchenAid appliances, following a pricing dispute. Here are some highlights of the dispute between the two companies.

How Retailers Are Redefining the Shopping Experience

| Greg Zakowicz

Technology has changed the face of retail. It has affected how consumers shop and interact with brands. As ecommerce is growing, U.S. consumers say they still prefer to purchase from a physical store even if the same product is offered online. Technology has created the expectation of convenience and it also has provided the means to deliver it. Here are how these retailers are redefining the shopping experience.

Is Virtual Reality Part of Retail’s Future?

| Daniela Forte

Is virtual reality part of retail’s future? And even more importantly, is it necessary? One retailer is getting ahead of the curve, find out who and whether or not virtual reality could build a bridge between ecommerce and bricks-and-mortar.