Millennial Spending During the Holidays

| Bryan Melmed

Retailers today are trying to reach all demographics, but the one demographic most important to them are millennials. Here is what you need to know about your millennial shopper in and out of the retail space.

3 Strategies to Better Serve Millennial Shoppers

| Ed Chater

Serving your millennial customers isn’t always easy as this generation uses multiple devices during their online routine, and their expectations are high. Here are three strategies to better serve millennials no matter which device or channel they use.

Tracking the Mobile Millennial Shopper

| Daniela Forte

Today’s millennial is tech savvy and has never known a life without being online. This is why the millennial shopper not only wants to shop with you, but they want to engage with you. This infogram by Bronto Software offers insights behind the millennial shopper and what you should know about them.

3 Ways to Drive Brand Value for Your Millennial Shopper

| Daniela Forte

Driving brand value for your millennial shopper is important today as this is the biggest generation in history. Millennials want brands to be both unique and meaningful and that is what you need to be in order to grab their attention. This video by Futurecast and Barkley shows three ways you can drive brand value to the millennial shopper.

What Do Your Customers Really Want This Holiday Season?

| Oren Levy

With the holiday season not too far off, retailers are already getting ready. It is important to start looking at what your customers want and expects in the weeks and days leading up to the holiday shopping season. Millennials are particularly an important demographic to look at when it comes figuring out how to begin the holiday preparation. Here are a few tips to get started before the holiday rush.

Marketing, Millennial Style

| Levy Raiz

For the millennial generation, spending is about high brand loyalty, once they find a brand they like, they will travel far and wide for a preferred brand. So it is important to make sure that you are marketing to millennials, here are a few ways to market to them properly.