The 3 Rules of Augmented Reality

| Paul Mandeville

One of the biggest frustrations brick and mortar retailers in the age of the smartphone is how to get Millennials and other mobile-first shoppers to come into physical stores. When Pokemon Go augmented reality app came out in July, it brought them in droves. For retailers to understand this phenomenon and the technology, they must first grasp what augmented reality is all about.

How to Profit From Pokémon and Comic-Con

| Tim Calpin

With over ten million downloads to date and an average usage time of 43 minutes, Nintendo’s Pokémon Go game is perched at the pinnacle of pop culture. While we can’t always see the future, we can prepare for it. And we can certainly capitalize on it when it becomes our present. Here are a few primary ways to foresee and take advantage of social phenomena such as Pokémon Go and Comic-Con.