Recency: The Underrated Metric

| Michael Greenberg

One of the simplest and most powerful metrics is customer recency. You may have a lot of data at your fingertips, but a good start is to really understand the insights available by delving into how recency changes over time.

The Case of the Missing Customer

| Debra Ellis

Key metrics such as attrition and acquisition rates are great performance indicators. Unfortunately, they do not identify specific customers and their value to your business. Find out what it takes to bring your missing customers back from the dead.

Bleep Your File Before You Bleep Your Customers

| MCM staff

Not all CSRs are angels, as marketing consultant Bill Singleton found out throughout his career. Find out what he says multichannel merchants should do with their databases to ensure angered CSRs aren’t slipping unsavory words into your lists to get avenge unhappy customer experiences.

Integrating Data: Tough but Necessary

| MCM staff

Proper integration of pertinent marketing data for effective and efficient direct marketing campaigns is essential, not only to the success of each campaign but also to the ongoing viability of your company

Flight Your Mail to Get It Delivered

| MCM staff

Long before he became president of Algonquin, IL-based consultancy Singleton Marketing, Bill Singleton worked as a part-time express courier while in school. Often he would deliver to one company a dozen overnight letters from one sender.

InfoUSA Buys Millard Group

| Mark Del Franco

In perhaps its most significant acquisition yet in the consumer list
marketplace, Omaha, NE-based InfoUSA acquired Peterborough,
NH-based Millard Group on Nov. 4