Improve Conversions by Enhancing Product Videos

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Product videos are a sum of their parts – that is, their success or failure rests on how much attention you pay to all of the little touches that create an engaging, watchable video.

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Multichannel Merchant
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By carefully adding features such as voiceovers, text, and product reviews, you can increase the viewership of videos and even improve conversions.

Whatever components you add to your product videos from the list below, keep in mind that testing will ensure that the extra video features are worth the trouble. The best A/B testing solutions will continually test videos with various components, and automatically broadcast the videos with strongest viewing and conversion rates.

You’ll want to monitor the effect of voiceovers, text, and design elements to see which options drive sales and motivate shoppers to watch videos and make more purchases.

At Treepodia, we spend a lot of time monitoring and testing the impact of various video components on performance – here’s a roundup of what we’ve learned.

Some people are visual learners, while others are auditory learners. Why is this important to online merchants? If you put a voiceover on you product videos, you can hammer home your marketing messages to customers who respond to audio.

Thanks to the Internet, it’s become easier and less expensive to add professional voiceovers to your product videos. You can listen to samples online and pick out the person who best represents your brand, send a script, and receive sound files by email – there’s no need to visit a recording studio.

There’s some evidence that female voices test better than male voices in terms of driving conversions – but only A/B testing can tell you if your customers react better to men or women.

Background images and music
Images and music can add energy to your videos, which can encourage shoppers to watch them all the way through (instead of dropping off after the first few seconds). Many product videos are quite bland, and could be greatly improved with some visual and audio additions.

Product ratings and reviews
We don’t see ratings and reviews in videos very often, probably because this content is usually managed by third-party vendors. However, this is powerful content that has a major influence on consumer buying habits – they trust the opinions of their fellow shoppers. If ratings and reviews are working well for your e-commerce site, consider bringing them into product videos to get even more mileage out of them.

Visual text
As we said above, some people are visual learners, and some are auditory learners, so text overlays on video help snag the attention of shoppers who like to read key pieces of information. Also, visitors who access your e-commerce site from the workplace may have the volume turned down, so text can help augment a voiceover. Product specs, like sizes and color choices, are especially useful when they appear in text form in a video.

Like product specs, pricing can be a helpful addition to video. This is particularly true for the multichannel merchant environment – your shoppers may be looking at videos on smartphones or tablets while they are in your stores. Instead of forcing these customers to browse around a product page trying to find prices and product info, you can place all of this information in a video – so all they need to do it play it back.

Of course, the big caveat is that pricing can quickly become out of date. If your videos are syndicated or shared on social networks, incorrect pricing will remain out there in the market. If your pricing changes frequently, you may be better off leaving this information out of your videos.

Some merchants want to keep branding out of videos because it already appears on their website. Others – and we lean toward this approach – want to make sure that shoppers know where the product is coming from. This is very helpful if you encourage social sharing of your videos – you don’t want potential customers thinking as they watch, “Great product, but I don’t know where to buy it.” Even just a logo, phone number, and URL on the final frame can help eliminate this confusion.

Marketing messages
Sure, you have marketing messages, like “Back to school sales” and “Free holiday shipping,” on your site’s home page, but shoppers in a hurry may miss them. Adding these messages to videos ensures your customers get the point.

Call to action
Think about adding a directive to your video to encourage more engagement from your customers. For instance, you can display text with active links reading “add to wish list,” “buy now,” or “sign up for our newsletter.”

Dr. Melody King is vice president of marketing at Treepodia.

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