Is “Last Chance” a Powerful Sales Phrase?

Dec 23, 2013 4:58 PM  By

walgreens-clearance-shelf-fullWe don’t often write about what’s going on in retail stores (unless there’s an omnichannel angle involved), but this is something that caught my eye this morning.

Back in mid-October, I was surprised to see Halloween merchandise on sale at my neighborhood Walgreens. And I was kind of surprised over Black Friday weekend to see bright orange shelf tags on holiday merchandise.

Apparently, it’s working for Walgreens. Or, at least it’s working in my neighborhood.

Maybe it’s the magic words “Last Chance” that makes people buy? Psychologically, people see something is on sale and they “light up,” according to this report from CBS Sunday.

It worked in reverse for me. I had to buy something at full price today because I thought an orange tag would be slapped on it when I walked away, and I’d miss out.

Here’s the report from CBS Sunday.