Silver Star Brands Sees Potential for Global Growth

May 01, 2014 11:56 AM  By

Okay, the headline may be deceiving, because Silver Star Brands ecommerce manager Ian MacDonald said less than 1% of all Silver Star Brands’ orders are shipped outside the U.S.

However, in this video taken during Operations Summit 2014, MacDonald explained to Multichannel Merchant managing editor Tim Parry that while global sales are less than 1%, Silver Star Brands will focus more attention on growing its global presence.

“It’s an opportunity for us,” MacDonald said. “Customers want merchandise anywhere, and when you’re using a provider or partner like BorderFree, it really makes it easy on us and the customer. So there’s really no reason why we shouldn’t expand [global sales opportunities].”

MacDonald said he has done global ecommerce when he worked for other merchants, but did not use third-party aggregation. Watch the video and hear MacDonald talk about why working without a global shipping partner resulted in a bad customer experience.