What New FTC Rules Mean to Your Social Media Program and Brand Reputation

Jun 26, 2013 3:16 PM  By


The FTC recently updated their disclosure guidelines. Is your program in compliance?

The FTC has drawn a big, red line clarifying what some marketers considered “debatable” in the past. If your agency and partners haven’t explained these new rules to you yet, you should be concerned.

Every Marketing Executive, Brand Manager and -Executive, eCcomerce Director and Social Media Manager that cares about brand reputation must understand these FTC guidelines, inside and out. The good news is these clear, simple guidelines not only keep you in line with the law; they keep you on the positive side of the trust spectrum with consumers. Because leading effective, honest, and ethical social media programs is central to social media leaders for the world’s best brands, SocialMedia.org CEO Andy Sernovitz will lead this free conversation. Andy has testified before Congress, traveled the country speaking about word of mouth and social media ethics, and spent much of his career pushing to make marketing more honest and trustworthy for everyone.

In this Webinar you’ll learn:

  • Red flags to watch out for: Are you already in trouble?
  • How simple guidelines keep you compliant and build consumer trust
  • What you should be asking of your vendors, agencies, and partners to make sure you all stay out of trouble

This educational webinar gives you everything you need to know – from an unbiased source – to do social right: Effectively. Ethically. Legally.