The Amazon First Party (1P) Survival Guide


As Amazon First Party (1P) selling and ad management continues to evolve, managing your brand and maintaining a competitive advantage on Amazon becomes more complex.

You need to ensure you have a comprehensive strategy in place to support and advertise your products, organize and manage the keywords and phrases driving brand and product awareness, and ultimately leverage the Amazon reporting system to optimize and improve your campaigns.

Don’t settle for a strategy that doesn’t fully maximize your Amazon 1P potential. Join us for this webinar as the experts at ChannelAdvisor provide you with intelligent insights on how to maximize your investments so you can effectively build and grow your competitive presence on Amazon.

In this webinar, topics to be discussed include:

  • Amazon Ad Types
  • Owning your Brand on Amazon
  • Strategies for Sponsored Products and Headline Search
  • Brand vs. Non-Brand Optimization
  • Bid Organization
  • Reporting Best Practices
  • Account Optimization
  • Presenters


    Andrew Belsky Andrew Belsky
    Director, Digital Marketing-Client Services

    Andrew heads up the US Digital Marketing team at ChannelAdvisor. He has over 15 years of Digital Marketing experience with a heavy concentration in Google Advertising. He has been at ChannelAdvisor for over 10 years across Managed Services, Account Management, & Sales.
    Jason Smith Jason Smith
    Client Strategy Manager-Digital Marketing

    Jason specializes in paid search and shopping campaign management and optimizations.



    Susanne Sicilian Susanne Sicilian
    Director, Online Events
    Multichannel Merchant

    Susanne currently directs the online education for the Multichannel Merchant and Chief Marketer audiences.

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