How to Unlock Omnichannel Profitability


Date: June 27, 2017
Time: 2:00 pm ET

Multichannel, omnichannel, unified commerce … whatever term you use, this is the new reality. It’s what retailers must do to meet their customers’ expectations while offering the same seamless experience regardless of how they shop.

Yet a few years into the revolution, many retailers still struggle to make all the moving pieces of omnichannel sync smoothly, making profitability or even a break-even proposition difficult to achieve. According to the 2017 Multichannel Merchant Outlook survey, only 27% of merchants said their omnichannel operations were profitable.

Join this webinar with Dick’s Sporting Goods and Radial to learn:

  • How to break down costly barriers like data silos and process bottlenecks
  • How real-time, holistic inventory visibility drives omnichannel fulfillment efficiency
  • How faster store and DC fulfillment impact the bottom line
  • The foundational capabilities needed to execute omnichannel profitably
  • Presenters:


    Megan Diehl Megan Diehl
    Director, Omnichannel Fulfillment Operations
    Dicks Sporting goods
    Ronnie Franks Ronnie Franks
    Technology Client Services Leader



    Mike O'Brien Mike O’Brien
    Senior Content Manager
    Multichannel Merchant

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