Asaf Hachmon

Asaf Hachmon, co-founder and CEO of Bond, has a demonstrated history of leading teams in the retail and ad-tech industries. Alongside his co-founder, Michael Osadon, he successfully secured $15M in funding, enabling Bond’s expansion into the U.S. market. Prior to founding Bond, Asaf established and lead teams in business development and advertising for leading firms in the Tel Aviv metropolitan area. Asaf is a strong entrepreneur with a vast interest in market trends in the supply chain and logistics and last-mile delivery sectors.

With So Many Deliveries, Customer Relationships Are Key for DTC Brands

| Asaf Hachmon

The monumental shift to ecommerce is causing businesses to re-evaluate their fulfillment experience to make sure they get it right. At the heart of that process is understanding how to improve the status quo by putting the customer relationship front and center. The stakes are high, but those who get it right will see substantial growth.