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The Tale of the Great Schmoe Mailing

| Bill Nicolai

Great marketing professionals have lots of experience, and they get that experience by occasionally making mistakes. Here is one of those tales of woe: The Tale of the Great Schmoe Mailing. Names of the people and firms involved have been changed to protect the guilty.

Implement C-RFM to Suppress Keyword-Originated Buyers

| Bill Nicolai

With sponsored keywords and natural search playing a large role in Web sales, you need to include channel of origin when talking about your customer’s recency, frequency, and monetary value. So if you’re looking to cut back on your circulation, you may want to suppress these less-loyal customers.

Systematically Decrease Frequency to Weaker Buyers

| Bill Nicolai

Many companies we see treat each mailing as an individual event and they’re not deliberately resting weaker segments between contacts. If you do so, it will decrease marketing costs and increase profits at essentially no cost in sales. I have an effective formula that was originally developed by a long-term client. It is an elegant concept, easy to apply, and effective.

Adjust Mailing Volume by Reducing Depth

| Bill Nicolai

We have all discussed at great length the negative effects of the recent postal increases. Now we have to get over it and move forward with adjusting our mailings to the new cost structure.

One tactic you can use to offset your postage increase is to adjust mailing volume by reducing depth. This is really Circulation 101, but it is the first place to start.

The next stage

| Bill Nicolai

Virtually every savvy cataloger agrees that the effective use of a company’s database is key to catalog success. More than merchandising, creative, and