Bill Singleton

Roll Up Your Sleeves, Show Me the Data

| Bill Singleton

Do you take a top-down or bottom-up approach when you do your post-campaign analysis? Do you look at households, individuals, items, orders or recency?

Your answers will tell a lot about your data processing, and what you can expect from your planning.

How to Spot Hot Prospecting Lists

| Bill Singleton

Looking for good prospecting lists? There are two ways to find them. The most common method is to test outside files and use the one that works. The other is to identify and mail all the lists your customers are on.

Show Me the Data: Compiled Lists Aren’t Commodities

| Bill Singleton

There are roughly 55,000 lists for rent today. About 24,000 lists are business and government focused; response, subscription, and compiled files. The mailers and list brokers I have worked with often talk about the compiled files as commodities. Different business-to-business lists characterized by similar demographics such as: standard industry classification (SIC) codes, employee sizes, annual sales, and geographic regions are expected to perform equally well.

Response Analysis Made Simple

| Bill Singleton

The pressures of promoting and fulfilling peak-season sales can overwhelm the subtleties of tracking exactly where those sales are coming from. If you have a real-time tracking system or already analyzed your holiday results, you should have a good idea. If you don’t and you didn’t, now is the time to set up your analysis to inform you of what happened and to prepare you for when you’re in the thick of the holidays again.