Brian Quinton

Live from DMA06: Marketers as High-Tech Storytellers

| Brian Quinton

(Direct) San Francisco–Web 2.0 will be about telling stories in the service of marketing to consumers: That’s the message that attendees at the Direct Marketing Association’s annual meeting heard in a keynote speech from Michael Davis,

Web Analytics Put FootSmart a Step Ahead

| Brian Quinton

(Searchline) FootSmart, a direct retailer of foot and lower-body healthcare products through both catalogs and the Web, found itself in a bind managing its cross-selling opportunities on the product pages of its Website.

Auto Sites Feed Some Gas to Online Marketing

| Brian Quinton

The accepted wisdom in selling cars is that customers start looking for their next ride the moment they drive their current purchase off the lot. But the Internet and its research possibilities have added focus to the last eight to 12 weeks of that decision process, making that the most crucial time in which to reach the prospect and convert him or her from a digital tire-kicker to a showroom visitor. A couple of leading automotive Web retailer networks have taken this time crunch to heart and added recent features to their marketing and promotional programs that should help pull customers off their desktops and onto the lots of their dealer-members.