Curt Barry

Curt Barry is chairman of F. Curtis Barry & Company, a consulting firm specializing in multichannel operations and fulfillment. The firm provides services in system selection and implementation in OMS, WMS, ERP and Inventory systems, 3PL logistics, distribution center design, improvement in facility capacity, workflow and cost reduction and benchmarking. Curt is the author of “Best Practices in Multichannel Operations and Fulfillment.”

Prioritizing your tech spend

| Curt Barry

Most catalog/Internet companies are looking for opportunities to reduce expenses across the enterprise given the current economy, they’d be crazy not

IT Spending Priorities

| Curt Barry

When the economy is way down, catalog/Internet companies may be tempted to suspend all IT investments until business picks up again.

More Green Thoughts

| Curt Barry

On vacation last week, I was sitting on the shoreline of Maine, daydreaming and drinking a bottle of water. I noticed that the Poland Spring bottle seemed somehow different. It was thinner plastic, and had a few more ridges to hold on to it with.

Eying IT expenditures

| Curt Barry

Long before the current economic slowdown, many companies had become more conservative with their IT spending. The latest technology can take a huge amount