Dan Nevin


Dan joined Doddle in 2019 to head up the global retail team, working closely with major retailers around the world to create lasting impressions, especially by improving their ecommerce returns experience. Before he came to Doddle, Dan was General Manager for Groupon Goods EMEA and was Head of Sales for Pepperjam.

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Are Your Ecommerce Returns Creating Non-Returners?

| Dan Nevin

Is your ecommerce returns process preventing customers from returning items – and thus not returning to shop with you again? The answer might be yes. Returns provide the ability to drive repeat purchases, if done right. Make sure your returns processes support this, and don’t instead create non-returners. 

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How Retailers Can Flip Ecommerce Returns into a Competitive Advantage

| Dan Nevin

Amid a growing reliance on ecommerce post-pandemic, returns are growing rapidly as well. Retailers that don’t analyze the impact won’t stand out from the competition and solidify customer loyalty. Although you must balance costs with customer satisfaction, it is possible to do both. Here are six steps you can take.