Dave Williams


Dave Williams is the director of software and solution delivery for Westfalia Technologies Inc., a leading provider of logistics solutions for plants, warehouses and distribution centers since 1992. Williams spearheads Westfalia’s software and solutions delivery operations. In his role, he provides leadership and guidance for the design and implementation of solutions that contribute to strategic business goals while aligning with the overall information systems architecture.

3 Ways Automation Can Ease Holiday Order Fulfillment

| Dave Williams

The holiday shopping season is right around the corner, and distribution centers will soon be bustling to get online orders out the door. More than likely, this year will deliver new records for peak online sales. Growing companies with manual warehouses worried about keeping up should consider automated processes.

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Overcoming Order Fulfillment Burden with Warehouse Execution Systems

| Dave Williams

While there are many order fulfillment tools available, ranging from manual, to automated, to a mix of both, warehouse execution systems are emerging as the solution of choice for many leading manufacturing and distribution companies. Here’s a look at how a WES can address your order fulfillment challenges.