Ed Burek


Ed Burek, Director of Solutions Marketing at SiteSpect, has over 18 years of experience in AI, digital marketing, digital advertising, MarTech and web technologies. Ed has had success guiding global marketing and sales strategies to achieve revenue and growth goals. Previously Ed was Director of Marketing and Decisioning at Pega Systems and has held positions at MARS Group, IBM, E&Y as well as various high-growth start-ups. Ed has degrees in Accounting and Management from Rutgers University and an MBA from Northeastern University.

Why Brands Have a Gen Z Loyalty Problem

| Ed Burek

When it comes to Gen Z, brands have a loyalty problem. According to National Retail Federation, only 36% of Gen Z feel a strong connection or loyalty to a brand. Here is why Gen-Z customers can be the hardest to please and what retailers need to do to keep them coming back.