Gerard Daher

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For nearly 20 years, Gerard Daher has provided innovative direct marketing solutions to the financial services, retail, and telecommunications industries. His expertise in strategic development, marketing, business operations, and data technologies has enabled Gerard to generate successful results for leading domestic and international organizations. He’s known by colleagues as having the business acumen for identifying and optimizing revenue-generating strategies that coincide with a company’s value proposition. Gerard is currently CEO of Speedeon Data, a leading-edge direct marketing and data services company which he co-founded in 2008 in order to close the gap in the expeditious delivery of customer data.

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Total Information Awareness: Why It Matters for Marketers

| Gerard Daher

Marketers who make sure their team – in fact, their entire organization – has easy access to critical first- and third-party data can achieve total information awareness nirvana. They can use data-driven insights to personalize their marketing strategies, acquire new customers, reduce churn, launch new products and mitigate risk.