Isaac Roth

Issac Roth is a partner at Shasta Ventures and seasoned entrepreneur who can be found advising founders on open source technology and how to keep a community engaged. He currently serves on the board of and as an observer to Scalyr and CodeFresh. Issac created and sold multiple enterprise software companies and was one of the co-creators of Red Hat OpenShift. Before joining Shasta, he was the CTO of API Management and Hybrid Cloud Integration at IBM. He is a graduate of Stanford University.

A Look at Post-COVID Retail: Going 3D to Bring Consumer Spending Back

| Isaac Roth

Our conception of a VR enabled post-COVID retail experience may seem space-aged at first, passing through the temperature sensor and ambling by the ultraviolet sanitizing booth, but ultimately it’s the way retailers can build trust. In the new normal, people may pay close attention to sanitization but they will always value the experience.