Jay Radia

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Jay Radia is the co-founder and CEO of Yieldify, a customer journey optimization company that brings personalization to the full customer journey. It combines award-winning software with a proven CJOTM methodology to deliver measurable results quickly and easily.

To date, Yieldify has influenced over 100 million sales through more than 200,000 journeys and currently delivers customer journey optimization for over 1,000 leading ecommerce websites, including Domino’s Pizza, L’Oreal and Philips.

Prior to Yieldify, Jay had a promising career in Finance, where he worked on the trading floors at Investment banks such as Bank of America and BNP Paribas.

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Loyalty Losers No More – 5 Ways to Save Loyalty Programs in 2019

| Jay Radia

The challenges of loyalty program acquisition and adoption reflect the overall challenges of a burgeoning ecommerce market. Consumers demand more convenience, more rewards and more meaningful engagement – this applies equally to loyalty programs as it does to your store’s overall value proposition. Here are five ways to break the challenges retailers face with their loyalty programs.