Jim Tierney

Brands Need to Reduce Operations Friction

| Jim Tierney

Reducing friction, which can lead to customer risk, cost time, aggravation, complaints, and negative word of mouth, is imperative for brands today. Find out how to reduce any potential operations friction.

How to Deliver Relevance on Facebook

| Jim Tierney

Delivering relevance on Facebook keeps consumers following your brand. Learn how your brand can do on Facebook to engage customers more effectively and maintain relevance.

Cycle Counting Can Help Inventory Management

| Jim Tierney

Anne Embrey, vice president of fulfillment operations for Replacements Ltd., said her company maintains too much aged inventory with about 4% of orders being categorized as ‘problem’ orders. Embrey wants to know how to reduce that percentage. So we asked some industry experts for their opinions and the resounding answer was cycle counting.