Jim Wheaton

Think Before You Blast Those Follow-Up E-mails

| Jim Wheaton

There is no rule of thumb about the extra lift to expect when a follow-up e-mail is sent after a direct mail promotion or actual purchase. But here’s some important things to consider before sending that follow-up e-mail

Key Issues to Confront When Constructing a Database

| Jim Wheaton

When it is time to build a marketing database, a company’s internal IT group almost always lobbies tenaciously for the assignment. For IT professionals, this only seems natural. After all, the word “database” carries all sorts of connotations of nuts-and-bolts computer science

Rethink Operational Systems For Best Database Practices

| Jim Wheaton

You know those automated phone prompts, the ones that tell you to press “1” to speak with a customer service rep? As convenient as they are for the consumer, they could also do damage when it comes to classifying your customers. Here’s why you need to retool those systems