Mark Del Franco

Of Brownies and “Survivor”

| Mark Del Franco

The way to an audience’s heart is through its stomach. That may be why David Kravetz, cofounder of Phoenix-based Fairytale Brownies, emerged victorious from the popular session

Incents and Sensibility

| Mark Del Franco

Incentive programs have been a blessing for home decor and gifts merchant Home Interiors. Thanks to performance bonuses tied to improving inventory accuracy, the Carrollton, TX-based company was able to eliminate taking physical inventory each year.

Live from NCOF: Tips for Effective Incentive Programs

| Mark Del Franco

Schaumburg, IL–The good news about incentive programs is that they work. According to Rick Blabolil, president of consultancy Marketing Innovators and a presenter at NCOF on Tuesday, an effectively structured incentive program can increase performance 44% in teams and 25% with individuals.