Michael Suswal

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Michael Suswal is co-founder and COO of Standard Cognition, which is eliminating the hassle of retail checkout by removing it entirely. Michael leads the company’s outreach to retailers around the world. Prior to co-founding Standard, Michael was a program manager for the U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC), where he led a team that developed technology to help prevent fraud in high-frequency trading. Previously, Michael co-founded game developer Pwnee Studios and worked in strategy and development roles for several other startups.

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Why Retailers are Abandoning Scan & Go Self-Checkout

| Michael Suswal

Over the past couple years, several retailers have launched new scan & go pilots. Some are even calling this tired technology autonomous checkout, comparing it to systems from Amazon Go. But scan & go and autonomous checkout really have little in common. Here’s how the two tech-powered checkout processes differ.

The 5 Hurdles to Autonomous Checkout

| Michael Suswal

Dramatic changes in retail can be seen through the lens of large and small technology companies. Retailers are facing an urgent need to improve shopping experiences, and no retail technology is more exciting than autonomous checkout. Here are five hurdles that need to be cleared to make any idea a viable market solution.