Mitchell Nitikin

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Mitchell Nikitin is on a mission to transform the shipping and delivery markets. He is the founder and CEO at Via.Delivery, the company enabling pure play and direct to consumer online merchants to compete with giants, such as Amazon, by offering Buy Online, Pick Up In Store (BOPIS) experiences. Drawing on executive leadership experience in logistics, e-commerce, retail and IT, Nikitin is leading Via.Delivery’s efforts to build the world’s largest alternative delivery network. In addition to being an advocate for logistics efficiency, he’s passionate about helping startups monetize and he serves as a mentor for Alchemist Accelerator.

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Better Shipping Options at Checkout Increase Conversions

| Mitchell Nitikin

As much as ecommerce sellers want every shopper that loads up their cart to complete a purchase, the reality is that some simply won’t. However, many shoppers that vanish at the sight of added shipping fees will in fact hit the “buy” button IF they are given more shipping options and control over how they receive their order.