Natasha Pergl

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Natasha is Global Sustainability Lead for Consumer Products and also leads SAP’s Circular Economy customer program to help shape the next generation of industry standard sustainability solutions providing customers, NGOs and governments with the insights and solutions needed to eliminate waste, keep materials in use and regenerate natural systems. This supports SAP’s 2030 Clean Ocean vision focused on accelerating the transition to circular business models and a regenerative economy. Natasha is a member of SAP’s Sustainability Council and sailed 2000 miles as part of an all-female crew with eXXpedition to research microplastics in the South Pacific in February 2020.

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For CPGs, a Compelling Case to Turn Circular

| Natasha Pergl

For CPGs, it’s no longer a matter of if but when the circular economy will supplant the traditional linear take-make-use-dispose model of consumption. The race to tap emerging sources of value and capitalize on the circular economy is well underway. The edge likely will go to companies that mobilize to take these seven steps.