Paul Mandeville

Paul Mandeville serves as Chief Product Officer of QuickPivot, leading the firm’s efforts in product strategy, innovation, and design. Prior to QuickPivot, Paul served as Chief Operating Officer at Conversen, a cross-channel marketing technology startup in Boston. He has more than fifteen years of marketing technology experience, holds several mar-tech industry awards, and contributed to QuickPivot’s first U.S. patent grant for the design of QuickPalette.

What Machine Learning Can Do For Retailers Today

| Paul Mandeville

At its simplest, machine learning (ML) refers to the capacity for a program to automatically improve, or “learn,” as it ingests data to accomplish a specific task or set of tasks. Here are three ways retailers can use machine learning to their benefit.

The 3 Rules of Augmented Reality

| Paul Mandeville

One of the biggest frustrations brick and mortar retailers in the age of the smartphone is how to get Millennials and other mobile-first shoppers to come into physical stores. When Pokemon Go augmented reality app came out in July, it brought them in droves. For retailers to understand this phenomenon and the technology, they must first grasp what augmented reality is all about.

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3 Lessons Learned From Target’s Marketing Approach

| Paul Mandeville

Modern technology has actually made it much easier for smaller companies to test new models and innovate right alongside Target and their brethren. Here are some examples of how mid-market retailers can learn from Target and use technology to develop more customer-centric marketing approaches.