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To test or not to test?

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Companies are increasingly turning to skill and behavioral assessment tests to ensure successful hires, according to Dr. Katherine Jones, an analyst with

Delivering benchmarks

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We aren’t quite sure when the shipping and delivery departments left their modest lodgings in the recesses of the warehouse and entered the boardroom.

Special Report: Salvaging Your Operations After Hurricane Katrina

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Businesses will take months to recover from the enormous damage caused
by Hurricane Katrina, but here are some things you can do immediately to
stabilize your operations, says logistics expert Debra Ellis of Wilson &
Ellis Consulting:

1. Hold shipments to the areas that were hit until you verify that
customers can actually receive them. Check with your parcel delivery
service to determine which areas are unavailable for delivery. While the
carrier will hold the items in transit, this increases the possibility
of lost shipments.

How to Manage Handwork Efficiently and Profitably

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Facility automation may be all the rage, but there are several fulfillment jobs that require kitting, packing, or assembly by hand. Unfortunately, few DC managers plan adequately for handwork projects. Tom Quinn, director of fulfillment services for the Mailing & Fulfillment Service Association, offers some recommendations for making handwork successful and profitable:

Provide enough space. To be completed quickly and efficiently, handwork jobs must be given sufficient room in the facility. Often, these projects are squeezed into a space that does not allow for components to be laid out properly, making for inefficient workflow. If extra space is not available, additional time should be factored in to account for the same piece being handled several times.

Distribution 101

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Courses on the basics of distribution are rarely found in colleges these days and that’s a pity, according to John M. Hill, a world-renowned material