Rene Jones

Consider the Customer Before Warehouse Cutbacks

| Rene Jones

Given the recent chaos on Wall Street, now is a good time to be concerned about the financial health of your organization. And if there is any one place where you should be looking to find efficiencies and cost savings, it

Is Your Warehouse an Ugly Baby?

| Rene Jones

Gas is more than $4.50 a gallon, transportation costs are going through the roof, your employees are struggling to keep their homes and your customers are scrutinizing every line item on their invoices. As a result, your supply chain is now more crucial than ever to your organization

Warehouse KPIs: Who’s In Your “Fav Five?”

| Rene Jones

As a distribution professional, you have several key performance indicators you are always aware of. The operations and fulfillment field includes many KPIs–quantifiable measurements that reflect the success factors of an organization.

But which warehouse KPIs are in your

What is Your Crystal Ball Telling You?

| Rene Jones

The future of your organization lies in the hands of your warehouse personnel. You probably did not want to hear that, and you most certainly do not believe it! But your warehouse knows your customers better than any other department in your organization.