Richard H. Levey

Consumers are Ready for the Year of Mobile

| Richard H. Levey

In 2008, attendees at Mobile Marketing Association events were told “this is the year of mobile,” according to Alexandre Mars, CEO of Phonevalley and head of mobile for marketing agency Publicis Groupe. They were told the same thing in 2009 and 2010.

Eight From Eight By Eight

| Richard H. Levey

(Direct Newsline) It’s unclear how many of Amy Africa’s eight recommendations for online marketing were actually absorbed by her audience at the Direct Marketing Association’s Fast Forward event. Africa started her session by expressing her disdain for the list industry, whose offline, paper-focused orientation she likened to an afghan blanket: “comfortable, colorful and out of date.”

List Firms Discuss M&As; Mandel Teases Pending Deals

| Richard H. Levey

(Direct Newsline) Put aside the 36 acquisitions infoUSA has made since 1990, and leave off the handful Primis Marketing Group Inc. has completed in two years: Lon Mandel, president and CEO of Specialists Marketing Services Inc. hinted at two purchases so fresh for his company that he wouldn’t even name the companies in question. All he would say during a List Day panel is that the expected the deals to close within the next 45 days.