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Ronda is a Market Insights Leader at Synchrony, managing a team focused on business, consumer and competitor insights as well as macro-trends. During her 10 years at Synchrony, Ronda has developed an Online Consumer Advisory Panel to gather real-time VoC feedback and launched a Big-Ticket Path to Purchase study in 2012, which continues today. This research gets used by a variety of large and small retailers to better understand their customer experience and how to drive financing opportunities throughout customer touchpoints. Previously Ronda held various research leadership roles at Heinz North America and Alliance Data Systems.

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Big-Ticket Purchases Go Omnichannel

| Ronda Slaven

While it’s not surprising that online purchases have increased during the pandemic, 25% of shoppers made big-ticket purchases without ever entering a store. Mobile usage throughout the purchase journey is also up significantly, with 76% of consumers using mobile devices to research products and make purchases.