Ronnie d’Arienzo

Before joining PPRO Group, Ronnie held senior strategic positions at large financial corporations such as American Express and Paysafe (previously Skrill). As SVP Sales at Skrill, Ronnie implemented a complete restructuring of the company’s sales strategy and operations to deliver considerable and sustained growth, culminating in a year-on-year growth trajectory of 23%. This ultimately led to the company’s €1.1bn sale to Optimal Payments in 2015. With his proven track record and experience in the fast-moving payments industry, Ronnie works to attract and recruit new customers into the business. He also manages, supports and delivers growth for existing partners and customers.

Time is Money: Local Payment and the Omnichannel Experience

| Ronnie d’Arienzo

E-wallets have slowly gained popularity in the United States and now account for 20% of U.S. payments. For merchants to offer a genuine omnichannel experience, they must engage with customers in a consistent, seamless manner across digital, physical and social media. Find out how offering local or alternate payment is one key to getting there.