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5 Common Customer Service Failures

| Sam Flanders

Companies with the highest levels of customer satisfaction always carry their goal of customer service perfection into the distribution center. It is too easy to think of the distribution center as an operation completely separated from the customer. And companies that do this do so at their own peril.

6 Questions to Ask Before you Consider Distribution Center Automation

| Sam Flanders

By automating your distribution center, you can provide substantial benefits and significant labor savings. Unfortunately, if you make the wrong automation choices, you can burn a hole in your wallet getting little, if any, significant improvement over what could be done with traditional solutions. Here are six questions you need to ask before you take the automation leap.

Tread Lightly When Improving Warehouse Operations

| Sam Flanders

A period of economic downturn can be a great opportunity to plan out and implement improvements in your warehouse operations. You might, for example, aim to significantly lower labor costs, reduce error rates, decrease stockouts, or improve the quality of your delivered orders. But it

What’s in Storage

| Sam Flanders

We investigate what can happen if you think outside of the warehouse box and consider how changes made outside the warehouse may end up benefiting your distribution center.

Evaluating Fire Precautions and Risks

| Sam Flanders

A fire in your distribution center can be disastrous. Aside from the obvious threats to human life, a single fire, even if it occurs in an unoccupied building–can put you out of business.

Do You Have the Right Vehicles?

| Sam Flanders

As your operation grows, the type of powered vehicles that will work best for you may change. Growth often means increasing numbers of SKUs and larger on-hand quantities. If your company provides replacement consumables or spare parts, you may find a growing parts inventory that must be maintained and selected from.