Stephen R. Lett

Comailing and Cobinding: A Critical Consideration

| Stephen R. Lett

Comailing is the process of merging catalogs that have already been bound into one mail stream. Cobinding occurs during the bindery process as the catalogs are being bound so that catalogs sharing the same trim size can be comingled into the same mail stream.

How Many Times Should You Mail to Your Housefile?

| Stephen R. Lett

A consumer catalog company typically mails to its housefile 11 times a year, while a business-to-business cataloger mails on average 15 times to its customers. Does that sound like awful lot of mailings to you? If so, your business might be able to benefit from an increase in the number of drops to your housefile.

Maximizing the Performance of List Continuations

| Stephen R. Lett

Expanding your market is a must. Therefore it is important to continue to test lists. At the same time, it is cost-effective to do everything you can to maximize the performance of list continuations. Here are a few tips to help you do just that: