Tony Holbrook

Tony has over 14 years of experience in the retail industry, tackling a wide range of roles including manager of ecommerce operations, information technology, business & systems process analyst, health & safety and retail store management. The last seven years have been focused on all things ecommerce and the evolving landscape of digital commerce, through roles with top retailers and established international organizations. Prior to that Tony spent several years focused on business and system analysis, including several high-profile deployment projects spanning ERP Installations and upgrades, WMS, ecommerce platform deployment and supply chain management.

3 Hurdles to Overcome Before Endless Aisle is a Reality

| Tony Holbrook

To create a true endless aisle customer experience, retailers need a system to supply and manage that additional inventory, then get items to consumers quickly and efficiently. Here are 4 key components that retailers must get right in order to turn an endless aisle concept into reality.