Zee Aganovic

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Zee Aganovic is CEO of HiConversion, an ecommerce intelligence provider that uses AI to personalize and grow eCommerce businesses. A serial technology entrepreneur, Zee thrives on solving onerous, real-life problems through innovative technology. Prior to founding HiConversion, Zee built several start-up companies, including Cylex Systems, Inc., a Florida-based application service provider (ASP), and A-Tech Group, a New Jersey-based engineering and consulting organization.

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Surviving the Retail Recovery: Tips as the World Reopens

| Zee Aganovic

People are returning to work and routines, but what does this mean for the countless merchants that embraced ecommerce to stay afloat? What if you transitioned to DTC and grew because of it? How can you survive the retail recovery? Learn how you can experience the best of both store experiences and ecommerce in the new normal.