10 Weird Things I Think I’m Buying with my Amazon Gift Card

tim-parry-amazon-christmas-card-christmasSweet! Content producer Daniela Forte gave me an Amazon gift card for Christmas! Thanks, Daniela!

Now, since I’ve never been to Amazon, and have no idea what is sold there (relax, I’m kidding), I figured I’d look for a few suggestions.

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That’s when I found Amazon Oddities and Weirdness: The Inexpensive Strange Stuff (A Listmania! list by Michael A. Duvernois).

The list author says: “Moving past books, music, and movies, we have the rest of the stuff on Amazon. There are some mighty strange things, and there are also some things which probably aren’t that strange, but seem so on a large ecommerce site.”

Weird (and inexpensive) works for me!

Want to see the 10 weird (and inexpensive) items I think I’m buying with my Amazon.com gift card. Then check out the following pages: